February 19, 2017

Welcome to Ubookquitous, a book blog for eclectic readers with overly large TBR piles.  Reviews and discussions on backlist titles, current releases, and even the occasional upcoming releases. Why Ubookquitous?  Books, for some us, are everywhere and crop in the strangest places.  We connect books with current events, significant moments in our lives, we pause TV shows to scan a bookcase or book shown onscreen, we connect books and music, and we quote or bring them up all the time. Ubookquitous is my attempt to share that with you and I hope you’ll return the favor.

If you’re like me, you have a backlog of books on your To Be Read pile(s) and lists.  You purchase more than you can read, but despite knocking off a record number of books last year, the piles never seem to shrink.  Trying to decide what to read next?  Debating whether you should read the book everyone talked about from three years ago?  Not sure who or what to read next after reading everything from a favorite author or after reading a genre you never thought you’d read only to find out you loved it?

Sorry, I don’t have those answers.  BUT maybe a review of one my recent reads could help you decide (or cause you to add one more tome to that towering mountain of books you already have!)  Maybe you’ll come talk books — agree, disagree, or add your thoughts.

The goal is to have reviews, an in-depth analysis or two, posts about the experience of reading, book trivia, and keep you informed on challenges and read-a-thons to participate in.  I hope you enjoy.

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