Review Policy & Rating System

February 7, 2017

How books are chosen for Review:

The vast majority of books reviewed here are I books I own or may have borrowed from the library.  There is no rhyme or reason beyond having a ridiculously large To-Be-Read pile of both physical and ebooks.  I’m open to suggestions on what I should read and review next, but as my level of discipline when it comes to reading one book at a time or reading in some sort of order are pathetically low, that may or may not happen.

Given how eclectic my tastes are, I can only tell you what I’m particularly unlikely to review: business, self-help, romance (although I do read historical, YA, and fantasy novels which may have a romantic component to them but that is not the main focus or are they typical ‘romance’ genre books), horror (except on rare occasions), or books featuring animals as characters.

Disclosure on Advanced Readers Copies and Reviews:

Disclosure of Material Connection: From time to time, I may receive a book free from a publisher, author, or other sources in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. In no case am I required to write a positive review or any review at all. The opinions I have expressed in these pages are my own. Any book received as an ARC will be noted as such. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

Review copies provided in electronic format are permanently deleted from all devices. Print copies are donated or given away and no profit is made in any way from these books.

I am currently not soliciting for review copies, although if traditional publishing houses wish to contact me, please do so through the contact form. Please do not ask me to review your self-published book.

Rating’s system

I don’t like stars and some people use them differently.  I will use a more descriptive system that more accurately sums up how I rate books.

At the top, working our way down:

Standing Ovation


This icon and rating is reserved for the rare book that is one of the best I’ve read ever.  Books with this rating moved me, will stick with me, and are masterworks of art. These books I would keep, reread, and recommend to everyone. (5 stars on Amazon & Goodreads, 9.5-10 on the number scale)

Great Read   

Indicates the book was a great read and one of the better books out there. A near perfect read. These books were entertaining, thought-provoking, and / or thoroughly engaging. Highly recommend for most people (5 stars on Amazon & Goodreads, 8.5-9.4 on the number scale)

Solid Read   

A strong, solid read, with some minor flaws.  Enjoyable and worth the time. Recommend to most readers, especially those who like the genre. (4 stars on Amazon or Goodreads, 7.5-8.4 on the number scale)


Left me ambivalent. These books might have a mix of strengths and significant flaws, or maybe left me emotionally flat.  Neither solid nor outright terrible, these books are so-so. I may recommend someone read if they don’t mind some of the particular flaws, or recommend it as a library loan, or inexpensive buy. (3 stars on Amazon and Goodreads, 6.5-7.4 on the number scale)


WHY? (did I bother?)   

Seriously flawed and left me wondering why I spent the time on the book.  Sometimes these books are cases of my stubbornness and not wanting to bail, or sometimes I saw glimmers of hope that ultimately were dashed.  I neither recommend nor suggest people avoid but I am honest about what didn’t work for me. (2 stars on Amazon and Goodreads, below 6.5 on the number scale)


While it rarely happens (I often set the book aside, then at some later point attempt to re-engage as it might not be the right time to read that particular book), when it does I’ll be clear as to why I pulled the chute.  I’m always open to folks chiming in and providing reasons why I should pick it up again. (1 star on Amazon and Goodreads, won’t assign points)



In addition, most reviews will also have specific aspects of storytelling graded and the book will have an overall grade.  With this, I’ll also mention specific strengths of the book as well as some of the weaknesses.


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